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“New York Japanese Restaurant Association Announces Full Support for the New York City Hospitality Alliance’s COVID-19 Relief Efforts”

            New York, NY, Jun 3 2020-The New York Japanese Restaurant Association (NYJRA) has announced that it will fully support the NYC Hospitality Alliance’s campaign to obtain relief and assistance on behalf of restaurant operators and employees. 

The NYC Hospitality Alliance and its Executive Director Andrew Rigie have been at the forefront in the fight for our restaurants.  Through the NYC Hospitality Alliance’s efforts, significant legislation has been passed by, among others, the NY City Council that aims to assist restaurant operators and their employees during this difficult time.  Further, the NYC Hospitality Alliance is working to obtain relief from NY state and the Federal government that will assist in the fight for the survival of our industry and businesses.

The NYJRA was recently incorporated and is currently seeking 501(c)(6) tax-exempt status.  The goal of the NYJRA is to raise awareness of its member Japanese restaurants and foster an understanding of Japanese culture and tradition.  It also endeavors to represent its individual and corporate members by seeking out relationships and strategies that will assist its members in their operations and continued success in New York City, particularly during this difficult COVID-19 era.

The NYJRA President, Mr. Bon Yagi, and the NYJRA Board Members discussed the shared issues facing their respective members with Mr. Rigie and offered the NYJRA’s full assistance and support during a virtual meeting.  It was agreed that the solutions to the difficult issues facing this industry are found in innovation and the combined efforts of all restaurant groups and organizations, providing a unified front. 

More information can be obtained from the NYJRA website and also refer all restaurants to the comprehensive information at the NY Hospitality Alliance’s website